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Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) is a smaller region of Limgrave in Elden Ring. This page includes an overview of the area, including all main dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets to find in this region.

Weeping Peninsula is the region directly south of West Limgrave. You'll first access this region by crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, a bridge camp filled with Soldiers of Godrick.

As a sub-region, Weeping Peninsula does not contain a Legacy Dungeon. However, there are many small dungeons, side quests, and roaming bosses to tackle. Though not connected to any other mainland, you can be transported north to Lleyndell Divine Bridge via a treasure chest.


Find the locations of all Roaming Bosses, Dungeons, Points of Interest, NPCs, Scarabs, and more with our Full Map of Elden Ring.

To reveal the details and topography of the whole Limgrave region, you'll need to find three Map Fragments at the Steles located in West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula.

  • The Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is located just south of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, where a Golem will start firing giant arrows from afar. If you follow the direction from that Site of Grace, you'll be able to see as soon as you pass the stone wall next to it.

Although the Weeping Peninsula does not contain a Legacy Dungeon, it is home to a few Field Bosses, one of which is located in an Evergaol—you'll need one Stonesword Key to access this boss.

Boss NameReward
1Erdtree AvatarOpaline Bubbletear, Crimsonburst Crystal Tear
2Night's Cavalry (Nighttime Only)Ash of War - Barricade Shield, Nightrider Flail
3Ancient Hero of Zamor (Weeping Evergaol)Radagon's Scarseal
4Weeping DeathbirdSacrificial Axe


Here you'll find all the available minor dungeons located through the Weeping Peninsula, their respective dungeon bosses, and the special reward you get from clearing them. Click on a dungeon below to read the walkthrough for traversing it and finding all the secrets within.

Dungeon NameBossNotable Loot
1Earthbore CaveRunebearSpelldrake Talisman
2Impaler's CatacombsErdtree Burial WatchdogDemi-Human Ashes
3Morne TunnelScaly MisbegottenRusted Anchor
4Tombsward CatacombsCemetery ShadeNomadic Warrior's Cookbook 9 (Imp Seal), Lhutel the Headless Ashes (Legendary Ashes)
5Tombsward CaveMiranda, the Blighted BloomNomadic Warrior's Cookbook 8, Viridian Amber Medallion
6Castle MorneLeonine MisbegottenGrafted Blade Greatsword (Legendary Weapon)

As you explore the region of Limgrave, you'll find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces you can find and speak to - and even buy and sell with to obtain unique wares.

  • Irina - A blind young girl who belongs to a royal family. She's been separated from her family during an enemy invasion at the family's castle. You can deliver a letter to Castle Morne for her as a side quest.
  • Nomadic Merchant - The same merchant you find in West Limgrave, this merchant provides slightly better wares than you'd find in the other parts of Limgrave, including a Talisman if you haven't already found one to equip.
Nomadic Merchant's Wares
Kukri (60 Runes)Cracked Pot x1 (600 Runes)Stonesword Key x1 (2000 Runes)Bastard Sword (3000 Runes)Light Crossbow (1500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)Great Arrow x8 (300 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Ballista Bolt x8 (300 Runes)Red Thorn Roundshield (600 Runes)
Round Shield (1000 Runes)Iron Helmet (1500 Runes)Scale Armor (2400 Runes)Iron Gauntlets (1500 Runes)Leather Trousers (1500 Runes)
Crimson Amber Medallion (1500 Runes)Note - Demi-human Mobs (500 Runes)
  • Isolated Merchant - A merchant whose shop is situated at the south westernmost point in the Weeping Peninsula. It's been years since he last had a customer. He sells arrows, Stonesword keys, and other goods. Most importantly, he sells an item crucial for your journey—a lantern that you can equip on your waist.


Isolated Merchant's Wares
Lantern (1800 Runes)Arteria Leaf x5 (1000 Runes)Stonesword Key x3 (2,000 Runes)Lost Ashes of War x1 (3000 Runes)Zweihander (3500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes)Great Arrow x15 (300 Runes)Bolt (40 Runes)Ballista Bolt x15 (300 Runes)Sacrificial Twig x3 (3000 Runes)
Note - Walking Mausoleum (600 Runes)
  • Edgar - The commander of Castle Morne can be found on the far eastern ramparts - going north past the soldiers and Misbegotten fighting after crossing the main ramparts towards the cliffs. He'll give you a Sacrificial Twig for checking in, and state that he can't leave the castle until it's legendary weapon is secured from the boss of this outdoor dungeon. Fulfill his request and he'll return to Irina, but don't expect a happy ending.

The Weeping Peninsula is home to many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest that you can discover in your journeys. Though they differ in the enemies and treasure found within, each place has something worth discovering.

Click on a point of interest to jump to the sections below that explain them in greater detail, including the enemies you'll face and secrets you can find.

Point of InterestEnemies or NPCsNotable Loot and NPCs
1Bridge of SacrificeSoldiers of GodrickSmithing Stone 1
Stonesword Key
Irina's Letter
2Ruined CaravanTroll,
Soldiers of Godrick,
Attack Dogs,
Strip of White Flesh
Morning Star
Golden Rune 2
Smithing Stone 2
Ash of War - Mighty Shot (Scarab)
3Forest Lookout TowerPoison Plants,
Foot Soldiers,
Attack Dogs
Golden Rune 1 x6
Hand Ballista
Ballista Bolt x5
4Demi-Human Forest RuinsDemi-Humans,
Demi-Human Chief,
Demi-Human Queen
Shield of the Guilty (in cellar behind low walled ruins)
Demi-Human Queen's Staff
Crystal Burst Spell
Arteria Leaf x2
Faith-knot Tear (to the north)
5Crater-pocked GladeAlabaster Lord,
Gravity Acolytes
Stonesword Key (to the north)
6Oridy's RiseWolvesMemory Stone
7Ailing Village and the Callu Baptismal ChurchFrenzy Rats,
Frenzied Commoners
Yellow Embers
Eye of Yeloughs
Flame Crest Wooden Shield
The Flame of Frenzy (Spell)
Sacred Tear
8Lightning Strike CanyonDemon BatsLightning Strike (Spell)
9Tombsward RuinRats,
Assassins x2
Beast Liver
Winged Scythe
Divine Fortification (Scarab on top of nearby ruins)
10Church of PilgrimageSkeletonsSacred Tear
Blood Grease x2
Gilded Iron Shield
Sliver of Meat and Bewitching Branch x3 (over the cliffs on a far ledge below)
11Fourth Church of MarikaMausoleum GuardsSacred Tear
12Tower of ReturnFoot Soldiers,
Soldiers of Godrick,
Godrick Knight (on horseback)
Great Dragonfly Head x3
Trapped Chest (transporter to Lleyndell Divine Bridge) - if you can beat the Golem you can get a Smithing Shard 5 and a Blessed Dew Talisman
13Isolated Merchant's ShackLots of UndeadGolden Rune 1
Golden Rune 5
Isolated Merchant (NPC)
14Witchbane RuinsMarionnette Fighters,
Giant Magic Head Sphere
Great Dragonfly Head
Ambush Shard (Spell)
Sorceress Sellen
15Morne Poison FieldPutrid Undead, Toxic Slime, Giant CrabGolden Rune 4,

Bridge of Sacrifice

  • Enemies: Soldiers of Godrick
  • NPCs: Irina

The first point of interest in the Weeping Peninsula, the Bridge of Sacrifice, connects West Limgrave and South Limgrave. Here you'll find Soldiers of Godrick patrolling about the bridge. While you can completely dodge them to get across, the loot (Smithing Stone 1 and Stonesword Key) might come in handy for you early in the game.


Head past the bridge, and you'll soon encounter Irina—a blind young girl who's part of the local royal family. She'll ask you to deliver a letter to her father in Castle Morne at the southernmost tip of the region.

Ruined Caravan

  • Enemies: Troll, Soldiers of Godrick, Attack Dogs, Misbegotten

A caravan just like the one you'd see roaming about the main road in West Limgrave. This one, however, was abandoned—with several corpses of Soldiers of Godrick laying around the vicinity.

Be wary of the Troll on the right side. You might be able to sneak past the enemies here, though there is a scarab containing an Ash of War - Mighty Shot nearby.

Forest Lookout Tower

  • Enemies: Poison Plants, Foot Soldiers, Attack Dogs

This lookout tower is home to a small group of soldiers serving as scouts for the nearby camp. Watch out for the Soldier of Godrick equipped with a ballista atop the tower—there is a chest containing a Hand Ballista with some bolts next to him.

Demi-Human Forest Ruins

  • Enemies: Demi-Humans, Demi-Human Chief, Demi-Human Queen


This ruined settlement contains many Demi-Human enemies, led by a Demi-Human Queen. She can be a tough fight when you're dodging not only her spells but also her minions. Try to approach the battle from the front, clear out the Demi-Humans and the Demi-Human Chief, and lure the enemies inside with throwing knives or a bow before engaging the queen.

You should have the Spirit Calling Bell at this point, so use whichever Ashes you have to help you. Once you've defeated her, make sure to go back to the low-walled ruins at the front. Use Torrent and jump behind it; a cellar here contains a Shield of the Guilty inside a chest.

Crater-pocked Glade

  • Enemies: Alabaster Lord, Gravity Acolytes

The Crater-pocked Glade is accessible from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. You'll need to use Torrent to get up to the cliff using the nearby Spiritspring. Head north, and you'll soon find another Site of Grace from here.

There are lots of Gravity Acolytes here, so summoning Ashes is recommended. The Alabaster Lord is the real challenge; watch out for when he casts his purple orb. This spell pulls you in as he's winding his sword to hit you. There is no notable loot here outside of the Stonesword Key you can find a little north of the meadow.

Oridys's Rise

  • Enemies: Wolves

Oridys's Rise is a tower you'll see as soon as you jump using the Spiritspring right next to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. A pack of wolves hangs around the entrance, clear them quickly before heading into the tower.


The tower is protected by a sigil that blocks the front entryway. This mini side quest requires you to seek out three wise beasts to disable the sigil and go inside. Though vague, the puzzle is quite simple—you'll need to kill the spirit turtle roaming around the tower.

  • The first turtle is in the opposite direction of the statue, close to the earlier pack of wolves.
  • The second turtle is just to the left of the tower, next to the steps.
  • The final turtle, though invisible, is actually in the middle of the shallow pond to the right of Oridys's Rise.

Once you've done that, head inside the tower and loot the Memory Stone from inside the chest. This item increases your character's spell slot, which is quite handy if you're going for sorcery or faith-based build.

Ailing Village and the Callu Baptismal Church

  • Enemies: Frenzy Rats, Frenzied Commoners

Though it is two points of interest next to each other, this former village and church are only home to several Frenzied Rats and Commoners. They are weak and easy to defeat. However, the loot you can get from here is excellent for early-game content.

Grab the Sacred Tear from inside the Callu Baptismal Church; this will strengthen your Flask of Crimson Tears and Flask of Cerulean Tears when you use it at a Site of Grace. You can also find a Flame Crest Wooden Shield and a The Flame of Frenzy spell in the middle of the village.

Lightning Strike Canyon

  • Enemies: Demon Bats

Located directly west of the Ailing Village, you'll need to maneuver the giant tombstones protruding from the canyon walls to make your way down. Be careful of the lightning strike once you're down there; the Demon Bats will also make it difficult for you to loot the Lightning Strike spell on the floor.


Tombsward Ruins

  • Enemies: Rats, Pages x2

These ruins are situated on the Weeping Peninsula's western landmass, just south of the Church of Pilgrimage. Finding these ruins should be easy, as it is next to the main field where you can find the walking mausoleum.

There are rats and two Pages in the vicinity. Clear them before heading down the cellar to pick up the Winged Scythe from the chest. There is also a Scarab holding a Divine Fortification spell on top of nearby ruins.

Church of Pilgrimage

  • Enemies: Skeletons

Churches in Elden Ring is always a good place to find great loot, especially ones that make your Flasks stronger. Here you'll find another Sacred Tear next to the Site of Grace. The skeletons outside shouldn't be a problem; make sure to finish them off once you've killed them the first time; otherwise, they'll come back to life.

There is also a Gilded Iron Shield to loot, and if you head over to the northern cliffs, you can find a Sliver of Meat and three Bewitching Branches.

Fourth Church of Marika

  • Enemies: Mausoleum Guards


The Fourth Church of Marika serves as another Site of Grace location with a Sacred Tear. Besides the patrolling guards protecting the walking Mausoleum, there are few enemies here.

Tower of Return

  • Enemies: Foot Soldiers, Soldiers of Godrick, Godrick Knight

Like the Forest Lookout Tower, the Tower of Return is another lookout, but this time is home to several Soldiers of Godrick and a Godrick Knight on horseback. Try to lure the Godrick Knight further away from the tower and fight him while riding Torrent—though be wary of the angles as atop the tower is another foot soldier using a ballista.

Clearing the enemies will reward you three Great Dragonfly Heads, but most importantly, the chest at the top. This chest is a transporter trap that will teleport you to the Divine Bridge in Lleyndell. While you can teleport your way back once you active the Site of Grace on the bridge, defeating the Golem that's further up will reward you with a Smithing Shard 5 and a Blessed Dew Talisman.

This fight will be tricky since your weapon will be weak when you first access this area, and the Golem can two-shot you with his attacks. But as long as you keep hammering his ankles and keeping the distance close, the fight should be relatively straightforward. Be wary of his ground fire attack; this is one attack of his that you'd want to back away from.

Isolated Merchant's Shack

  • Enemies: Lots of Undead
  • NPCs: Isolated Merchant

One of the many Isolated Merchants you'll find in the game, this one sells various items that can be incredibly crucial during your journey in the Lands Between. One of which is the Lantern for 1800 Runes—this Key Item is an exceptional alternative to the Torch, as the Lantern can be equipped to your waist, allowing you to save an equipment slot for a shield or another weapon on your left hand.


He also sells different arrows, Stonesword Keys, Lost Ashes of War, and the fan-favorite Zweihander. There are tons of Undead nearby, but they are mostly found on the western shore of the Weeping Peninsula, so you don't have to worry about being attacked while shopping here.

Witchbane Ruins

  • Enemies: Marionnette Fighters, Giant Magic Head Sphere
  • NPCs: Sorceress Sellen (chained in the cellar)

These ruins can be found directly southwest of the Fourth Church of Marika, right below the cliffs. You should be able to see the Marionnette Fighters roaming around the area from that vantage point. The entry to the cellar is blocked by some Giant Magic Head Sphere that will shoot out spells to the sky, raining down devastating magic in its vicinity.

Try to battle the fights around the ruins first, as the magic sphere will attract them towards you. Once you have defeated all the enemies, you can head down to the cellar to speak to the NPC who looks a lot like Sorceress Sellen - but she can't be interacted with until you undertake Sellen's quest much later in the game. Ensure to loot the Ambush Shard Sorcery spell on a corpse inside as well.

Morne Poison Field

  • Enemies: Putrid Undead, Toxic Slime, Giant Crab

Just to the northeast of Castle Morne lies a large poison swamp with two jutting rocks, and the place is crawling with putrid undead that will try to shamble around and lunge at you or cause poison goo to explode outward from them.

Luckily, as long as you stay mounted, the poison field will deal no damage to you, and you can weave in and out to deal with the shambling undead and outmanuever a Giant Crab that burrows up. However, there's not much in the way of rewards other then gaining Toxic Mushrooms from the dead or Poisonbloom growing here - though the second jutting rock does have a Golden Rune 4 at the base of one of the crucified bodies screaming out.

You can also ride just north of the poison field to find a glowing Scarab that can be killed for a Poison Mist Incantation spell.


As you explore this region, you may come across several scarabs scampering away. Some of them will refill your flask of tears, but others can reward you with special items:

Ruined Caravan Scarab

Ruined Caravan Scarab

  • Reward: Ash of War - Mighty Shot

Cross the bridge south of Limgrave into the Weeping Peninsula and take the main road through the large gorge past a ruined caravan full of enemies. Just past the Misbegotten the road will slope upwards toward the Castle Morne Ramparts, and you'll find the scarab here on the road.

Tombsward Ruins Scarab

Tombsward Ruins Scarab

  • Reward: Divine Fortification Spell


Crossing over to the west side of the Weeping Peninsula is a large valley, and along its north side between two churches is the Tombsward Ruins. Just to the side of the main ruined walls are several larger ruined chunks, and a scarab lurks upon one of them.

Weeping Peninsula Poison Field Scarab

Weeping Peninsula Poison Field Scarab

  • Reward: Poison Mist Spell

Heading south along the main road to Castle Morne, you can find a large poison field to the northeast of the castle. Look for a small clearing north of the poison to spot a smoldering scarab - but be wary when you attack it, as it will explode upon death.

Weeping Peninsula Secrets

Here you’ll find all of the secrets found so far in the Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) area.

Walking Mausoleum

As soon as you enter the western portion of the Weeping Peninsula, you'll hear the sounds of a ringing bell from the distance. These sounds originate from the giant Mausoleum roaming on four legs with a bell attached to its stomach.

Attacking the legs where you spot the skull-like barnacles will soon cause it to weaken and becomes stationary, allowing you to enter the inside of the building. You are able to duplicate any Boss Remembrances that you obtained from bosses, but it is limited to one use per Mausoleum—so pick wisely!


Tower of Return Transporter Trap

At the top of the Tower of Return in the far southwest corner of the Weeping Peninsula is a chest - but like the one in West Limgrave's Dragon-burnt Ruins, it's a trap to send you to a distant region. Luckily, you won't be in any danger once you appear on the other side - unless you choose to seek it out.

You'll appear on top of a Divine Bridge in Leyndell, Royal Capital - far to the north of the Weeping Peninsula. It's so far north that you won't be able to get her normally for quite a long time, and the lift behind you can only be activated from below. A Site of Grace can teleport you back as soon as you rest at it, but there's a reward waiting ahead...

Through the large archway you'll spot a fallen Golem that will immediately rise as you draw close. Unlike the damaged Golems in West Limgrave, this one has a lot more health and does even more damage than the heavy hitting ones you've seen previously. To the right of the Golem is a chest you can open to find a Blessed Dew Talisman, which is a great item to have early, but you'll likely be killed trying to open it unless you manage to kill the Golem at your low level. It's not impossible, but you'll need to perfectly time dodges and watch for the Golem slamming its halberd into the ground repeatedly, or spewing fire from its chest.

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