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Gabriel Stefan Kapler is a retired baseball outfielder from the United States who played in minor and major leagues. After a stellar playing career, Gabe Kapler went on to manage MLB teams. Currently, Kapler manages the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball.

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While Gabe’s professional life is as transparent as it gets, his personal life has become a hot topic of discussion. Furthermore, his marriage with his ex-wife also created a lot of buzz in the media. Additionally, people are also interested in learning more about his children.

So, in this article, we’ll get to know one of Gabe Kapler’s sons, Chase Ty Kapler, and see what he’s been up to lately.

Eldest Son Of Gabe Kapler

Chase Ty Kapler was born to Gabe Kapler andLisa Jansenon October 8, 1999. Chase was born and raised in Tarzana, California, alongside his younger brother Dane Rio Kapler. Unfortunately, as Kapler’s parents raised him away from the limelight, little is known about his upbringing.

Meet Chase Ty Kapler - Photos Of Gabe Kapler's Son With Lisa Jansen | eCelebrityMirror (1)

However, it is widely known that Kapler’s parents divorced when he was a child, prompting the former pair to co-parent their kids. Still, Gabe must have done everything he could to give his children a comfortable life. Similarly, Lisa must have pampered Chase and his brother as her only kids.

Talking about his brother, Dane is a university student and currently studies at the University of British Columbia. And, unlike him, Chase’s younger brother has no problem with sharing his life with the public. Moreover, Gabe Kapler’s younger son is also involved in athletics and plays football with his university team.

At the moment, both the Kapler siblings are enjoying their time at different colleges, so let us hope that they continue to prosper in their lives.

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Parents Are No Longer Together

As mentioned above, Chase Kapler’s parents divorced when he was a child. The reason for the ex-couple’s split remains a mystery to date. Furthermore, neither of his parents has spoken on the matter. Following the divorce, the San Francisco Giants’ manager requested joint custody of their sons and is now co-parenting his kids with his ex-wife.

Still, even though the former athlete’s decades-long marriage ended in divorce, he and his ex-partner share an irreplaceable bond. Similarly, Gabe Kapler’s sons also share a close bond with their mother. However, the Kapler family keeps their private affairs away from prying eyes.

Played Football In High School

Children of athletes have made it a tradition in recent years to follow in their parents’ footsteps. Surprisingly, having a famous athlete as a parent mostly guarantees that their children will follow suit and make a notable career in the field.

Well, to no one’s surprise, Kapler’s son has made his way into the world of sports and previouslyplayed football atMalibu High School. Chase played as the quarterback for his high school team throughout his high school days.

After graduating from Malibu High School, Chase enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles. However, whether or not he plays football in university is unknown. Consequently, the answer to whether Gabe Kapler’s child will ever pursue a career in athletics remains unanswered.

At the moment, Chase appears to be enjoying his years as a college student. So, while the Florida native might or might not become a professional athlete, we wish him the best for his future endeavors.

Gabe Kapler’s Son Prefers A Private Lifestyle

With the paparazzi always on your case, it is difficult for celebrity children to steer away from the limelight. However, some kids do an excellent job of staying out of reach from the media altogether. Gabe Kapler’s son is one of those kids who prefer to remain away from the spotlight.

Consequently, not much about Chase is known in the media. Additionally, Kapler’s kid keeps all of his socials private, making it harder to track his whereabouts. Still, with all the riches his father has accumulated throughout his career, we can assume that Kapler is living a comfortable lifestyle.

While Chase prefers not sharing his life with the public, his father occasionally shares pictures of his kid on his Instagram. So, even though Gabe Kapler’s child does not flaunt his lifestyle on social media, it is evident that he remains close to his father and brother.

Still, while Gabe Kapler might be a sports legend, we won’t be seeing his son share the limelight with him anytime soon. Still, let us hope that we get to see more of Chase Kapler as the years progress.

Name Meaning

Originating from France, the name Chase means to hunt. Chase was a common surname given to huntsmen.

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Meet Chase Ty Kapler - Photos Of Gabe Kapler's Son With Lisa Jansen | eCelebrityMirror (2024)


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